A View to a kill

Recommended activities

There are numerous daily trips that you could enjoy having as your hub the Kreta Natur complex. Below you can find few of them, however please feel free to ask us about further recommendations.

  • Knossos Palace - A very well preserved palace that was the centre of the Minoan civilization and was excavated by the British Arthur Evans at the beginning of the 20th century.
  • Festos Palace - The southern Cretan palace of the Minoans demonstrated their wealth and power over the entire island of Crete.
  • Kazantzakis Museum - A museum for the life and work of this Cretan writer, who wrote "Zorba the Greek", one of the most famous Greek books.
  • Lassithi Plateau - The "highlands" of Crete offer breath-taking views on the way up but also a very interesting tour on the restored windmills that used to generate power prior to the introduction of electricity in the area.

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